W7Tweaks App

Optimize windows usage, do tasks more easier

Software tweaks are very common these days, considering windows OS, tweaks are available everywhere, to optimize the speed of windows, increase the efficiency of windows operating system.

How do we mention software tweaks?

Software tweaks known for the method or the easily raising the performance of the associate programs or optimized output than the normal. Software tweaks can be accomplished with two ways, which is by manually or with help of a software that is specially designed for tweaking specified operation.

W7Tweaks offers different tweak applications for windows 10 performance tweaks which is not available in default windows. Here you will find few software for windows 10 tweaks like taking ownership of files and folders, organize files and folders with generate folder and hide windows local disk drives.

Take file ownership with Drag & Drop

W7Tweaks – Grant Admin Full Control, help administrative users to take ownership and full control over restricted files or folders.

Create folders from files or folders

W7Tweaks – Generate folder, is a time saver if you love to organize your files and folders with single click.

Simply hide your computer drives

W7Tweaks – Windows Drive Hider, is another tweak software for administrators to hide windows hard drives, from the third party users.